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With both a grandmother and great grandmother who were accomplished concert pianists, it was only natural that Lisa should discover her passion the piano by the age of four. However, her music studies had to share time with her career as a child actress in Hollywood. One of Lisa's fondest childhood memories is of playing the piano with actor Jack Lemmon on the set of "The Fortune Cookie", in which Lisa played the role of Walter Matthau's daughter. Although family friend and celebrated composer Henry Mancini recommended her to attend the Juilliard School of Music, after her acting career, Lisa chose to focus on raising a family. For several years, the piano remained Lisa's private sanctuary, while she raised her six children.
Lisa is not only an accomplished classical pianist, but a delight to watch as she performs her moving original composition.
Award-winning author Jeannie Keneley
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It wasn't until 2009, after the kids were on their own, that Lisa finally was ready to share her passionately creative piano music with the world. Her debut album, entitled "Sanctuary", produced by Lisa's composer/guitarist husband Jeff Linsky, was very well received and received the prestigious Parents Choice Award for its calming effect on children. Today, Lisa performs internationally, while she continues to write new music for the piano.